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Welcome to The Landlord Law Firm, your best resource for legal needs regarding Landlord/Tenant issues and fast, easy, "flat-fee" evictions. Most attorneys have many areas they practice, so their focus is distributed. Patrick Singer, Esq. of Landlord Law practices exclusively in Landlord/Tenant law and has years of experience filing evictions and removing tenants across the state of Florida. Many believe the eviction process is long and complicated. We make it fast and easy. We are proud to provide:

  • Same day turn-around for filing evictions.
  • No office visit required! Never leave your home or office.
  • All-Inclusive fee structure: don't get nickel and dimed by other lawyers or companies.
  • Free tenant notices and forms to download: guaranteed to work anywhere in the State of Florida.
  • We exclusively practice Landlord/Tenant Law. Don't get the wrong advice that costs you time.
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