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Mobile Home Evictions

Mobile Home evictions can be completed in as little as 2.5 weeks, depending on the county in which they are filed. If you have a tenant who either owes you rent or is breaking the lease agreement, please contact us to see how we can expedite removing them from your property. Please see below to find which eviction type your tenant falls into, and contact us to see how we can remove them as quickly as possible.

Tenant Owes Rent: Tenants behind on rent are incredibly common in the rental industry. An eviction for non-payment is the easiest, fastest way to remove a tenant. Regardless of if you have a signed lease or not, if the tenant owes any rent, the eviction can be started immediately by serving a five day notice to the tenant. This can be downloaded for free below and on our "Forms" page. Once the five days have expired, we can file the eviction and serve the tenant immediately.

Tenant Is Breaking Lease Agreement: If your tenant has a lease agreement, but is breaking specific terms of that lease, we can begin the eviction immediately. Breaking the lease usually includes things like: having unapproved guests stay in house, having unapproved pets in the house, trash on the property, loud parties, etc. In most cases, a Seven Day Notice must be served which allows the tenant 7 days to "cure" or fix the issues. If they do not or the tenant repeats the offending behavior, we can go ahead and file and serve the eviction immediately. The Seven Day Notice can be downloaded below or on our "Forms" page.

Lease Has Expired: If your tenant has a lease that has expired and you are ready to remove them from the house, you must "end" their lease by serving them a 15 Day Notice, also known as a Notice of Non-Renewal. This form will notify the tenants that they must vacate by the end of the current rental period and if they do not, they become a "Holdover Tenant" and we can begin the eviction immediately. The Notice of Non-Renewal can be downloaded here or on our "Forms" page.

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